Program Overview

PSPNet logoPublic Safety Calls will provide access to PSPNET’s online modules tailored to meet the needs of public safety personnel in PEI – experiencing mild to moderate depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress. This will also include optional weekly support from a therapist.

This is a two year pilot program which will provide accessible and secure ICBT programming in both English and French.

  • Free  
  • No referral needed
  • Begins with initial assessment

Online Courses Offered:

  • PSP Wellbeing Course - appropriate for clients who have diverse mental health concerns.
  • PSP PTSD Course - more specific to clients who are primarily concerned with symptoms of post-traumatic stress.  

“Strong body of research suggests that ICBT produces outcomes similar to in-person CBT while bypassing barriers caused by stigma and logistics.”  (PSPNET, CIPSRT)